The Corncrib Bar T-Shirts Are Here!

Music Improves The Human Condition. At Music Night On Jupiter, we pay out every dollar we take in, and more, because our primary goal is to put money into the pockets of musicians we love. You know, because they make the world a better place ’n’at. In normal times, we can’t do that without the […]

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The Corncrib Bar Sessions

Our little corncrib, retro-fitted as a rustic outdoor entertainment space, is becoming a sought-after location for musicians to record short videos. We have set up a Face Book page to hold the videos: CLICK HERE

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A brief interruption for soapbox time: At MNOJ, we want and expect musicians to be more-than-fairly compensated for their time, effort and talent. That can be an issue with limited attendance events, and small events are what we prefer to do. While we won’t be selling advance tickets for our house concert parties, ...

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The “Pay It Forward” Series Explained

So, we “bought” a house concert by our friends The Jakob’s Ferry Stragglers via a crowdsourcing event. Not satisfied with just one amazing night of music on our own backyard stage (see photo), we schemed and plotted and came up with this plan:  Collect donations for the JFS show, but use the funds to pa...

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Music For MS 2016 Alert!

Music For MS Alert: We are very excited to announce that our friends The Jakob’s Ferry Stragglers ( will be rejoining us for Music For MS III on August 13, 2016. JFS was in the lineup for the inaugural M4MS Festival in 2014, and we are honored to be able to present them again. We [&hell...

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About MNOJ:

Music Night on Jupiter began as pot-luck, bring-an-instrument parties in our home on Jupiter Dr.

Hand-in-hand with our practice of providing free room and board to traveling musicians from all over the US and Canada, those little parties morphed over time into something much bigger.

Come join for a us show; we bet you will also become a Friend of Jupiter.

Tim and Debby Wolfson

Upcoming Events:

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