13 Sep

Mouths of Babes on Jupiter!

Music Night On Jupiter 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM


Family, friends and neighbors – please join us on Sunday, September 13 for a lazy early evening full of acoustic music, sweet harmonies, shared food and drink, and our little MNOJ community. This will be a full-blown Music Night On Jupiter (maybe our last), and you all know the drill – bring a chair or a blanket and a dish to share, we will put out wine and beer and soft drinks, but please BYO-to-share too. We will pass-the-hat for the music, so come ready to be generous in your support. $15/person sounds about right.  Bring the family  – kids are always welcome on Jupiter (but teenagers need to be supervised by their adults). Please try to carpool, and don’t park on both sides of the street. This will be rain-or-shine, so dress accordingly. Only a monsoon will cancel the event.

This next part is important: You must RSVP to this event via the Face Book event page by clicking the Buy Tickets link. Please (please) do not RSVP “going” uness you truly plan on attending, as we will be capping attendance at some point.

Oh, yeah, the music! We are VERY excited about the peformers:

Mouths of Babes is Ty Greenstein and Ingrid Elizabeth.

Mouths of Babes’ sound is equal parts celebration and blues, folk and soul, salve and anthem—an invitation to love this life, to sing your sob story and end it with a smile.

In her twelve years with popular folk-pop quartet Girlyman, Ty Greenstein established herself as a prolific songwriter and gifted lyricist, a talented multi-instrumentalist, and a magnetic presence onstage. Relix Magazine writes, “The poignant honesty that Ty brings to [her] tunes gives them an emotional intensity that’s as bracing as it is moving,” while the Americana Gazette praises her powerful lyrics: “Tylan’s practice of extending metaphors out toward a precipice keeps an unpredictable edge to [her] songs. Most writers would stop at the easy close. Ty jumps, leaving much to imagination, to powerful effect.”

Over the course of seven years with sultry roots trio Coyote Grace, Ingrid Elizabeth played the upright bass, wrote and sang, commanding audiences with her larger-than-life sassiness and professional dancer’s grace. The Huffington Post writes, “There’s a yearning, freight-train-hopping, propulsive energy to many of [Coyote Grace]’s songs that suggests…the road to one’s true identity, a destination on a map still being written,” and Amy Ray (Indigo Girls) once marveled, “They write such heart wrenching melodies and make such textured harmonies that I find myself enraptured and taken by their timelessness of song.”

Only fate could have orchestrated the union of Girlyman and Coyote Grace. The two bands ended up spending a whole year touring together in 2011 and inevitably, all seven band members ended up onstage together each night. The musical chemistry was electric. Each show closed with a roof-raising version of MaMuse’s “Hallelujah” that quickly became legendary among the bands’ fans. Ingrid and Ty became fast friends and ended each tour with a bittersweet goodbye, giddily awaiting their next adventures together. Slowly they were discovering their perfect complement not just onstage, but off as well.

Fast forward to 2013, when both Girlyman and Coyote Grace became indefinitely parked, for various reasons. So Ty did the obvious next thing—she moved to California and knocked on Ingrid’s door. First came love, then came music—and finally, Mouths of Babes was born.

The new material from Mouths of Babes finds Ty’s heartfelt songs being lifted up by Ingrid’s infectious irreverence, while Ingrid’s songs dig for a deep taproot of universality a la Ty’s literate leanings. In September 2014 the duo recorded their debut EP, Faith & Fumes, at Empty Sea Studios under the direction of producer Michael T. Connolly. Faith & Fumes was released to much fan acclaim in December 2014, and EP release tours are being planned through the end of 2015.

About MNOJ:

Music Night on Jupiter began as pot-luck, bring-an-instrument parties in our home on Jupiter Dr.

Hand-in-hand with our practice of providing free room and board to traveling musicians from all over the US and Canada, those little parties morphed over time into something much bigger.

Come join for a us show; we bet you will also become a Friend of Jupiter.

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