17 Mar

St. Paddy’s Day with The O’Cheerlies (The Cheer’ly Men & Friends)

Thunderbird Cafe 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM


Cheer'ly Men

Exactly one year after playing their second show  – opening the 2015  St. Patrick’s Day event at Thunderbird Cafe –  The Cheer’ly Men ascend to the main stage for a evening of bawdy and rowdy Celtic music and sea shanties.  Come drink and sing with the band on the day of the year best suited for drinking and singing.  And as if 9 players is not enough, the Cheerlies will be joined by some like-minded guest stars. The live music will get going early (opening act at 6 PM) so you can roll in right after work (if you actually work on St. Patrick’s Day). Of course, the Thunderbird will be running holiday-appropriate food and drink specials. TCM will take the stage well before 8 PM and we will get you home in time for the news.

Tickets are just $8 in advance, and if you buy now the band will pick up the ticket agency fees!

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