29 May

The Cheer’ly Men and The Act 80s!

Frank N Steins 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM


Our FOURTH (!) monthly chorus session will be out in the ‘burbs, at Frank N Steins on Sangree Road in the North Hills.  The bar is currently in the middle of being reinvented as a music pub. Trust us, good things are afoot here, you won’t  recognize the remodeled space. Our friends The Act 80s will be joining us to fill out the evening.

Cheer’ly dues will be $5 for this session. You can also pitch in for The Act 80s. Bring a friend or three!

This will be another sing-along early evening filled with sea shanties and other bawdy songs. This is NOT a concert. Rather, we will provide song books, and the band will teach the songs to the participants (note, “participants”, not “audience”).  Think of it as a choir rehearsal with a buzz.

The idea is to develop a full set of songs that can eventually be performed, with gusto and some semblance of competence, by the entire group. Yes, with hard practice and slavish devotion to this and future Cheer’ly Men sessions, you too can become a member of the band. Well, at least the chorus.

Warning: If you are easily offended, stay home or wear earplugs – many of these songs have “dirty words”. Ladies, this is an equal-opportunity chorus – we will certainly be doing tunes that are not particularly complimentary to the boys. Some songs may even be G-rated.

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There will be no advance online sales.

This will be fun, guaranteed!

The Cheer’ly Men core leaders for this session are:

  • Ryan Macel
  • Nick Haberman
  • Mike Buric
  • Amber Buric
  • Terry Schiebel
  • Aaron Anthony
  • Agnieszka Sornek
  • Jamie Grant



About MNOJ:

Music Night on Jupiter began as pot-luck, bring-an-instrument parties in our home on Jupiter Dr.

Hand-in-hand with our practice of providing free room and board to traveling musicians from all over the US and Canada, those little parties morphed over time into something much bigger.

Come join for a us show; we bet you will also become a Friend of Jupiter.

Tim and Debby Wolfson

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