To all Friends of Jupiter:

For more than a year now, we have been actively looking at more rural but nearby properties in the hope that we can find a new place to live and better do what we love best: host traveling musicians and present unique shows, all without leaving home. We have missed out on a couple of opportunities because we have been too busy with all of our other activities, including Music Night On Jupiter shows at commercial venues. So, while we are not going away, we are going to slow down a bit booking new shows for the rest of 2015 in order to focus on making a move. For now, if you are interested in booking a show at Pittsburgh Winery, please reach out directly to Tim Gaber ( For Thunderbird Cafe, contact John Pergal ( In the meantime, we will still promote the occasional club show, and we will certainly continue to present house concerts, host musicians on Jupiter Drive and present special events such as The Cheer’ly Men shows, St. Patrick’s Day, the Music For MS Festival and Burns Night. Please keep us in the loop – just because we are not the promoter of record for shows does not mean that we are not interested in seeing our friends perform, and we can still help spread the word if needed.

Tim & Debby Wolfson

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About MNOJ:

Music Night on Jupiter began as pot-luck, bring-an-instrument parties in our home on Jupiter Dr.

Hand-in-hand with our practice of providing free room and board to traveling musicians from all over the US and Canada, those little parties morphed over time into something much bigger.

Come join for a us show; we bet you will also become a Friend of Jupiter.

Tim and Debby Wolfson

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